Logo Usage

Use on non-institutional backgrounds

In the instances in which the use of the Maserati communication logo on the institutional colors backgrounds is not feasible (for example, on co-branded materials), its application on other backgrounds is warranted.

In these cases, excellent readability must nonetheless be ensured, using the positive logo (Dark Grey) against light backgrounds. Conversely, the negative logo is to be used on dark backgrounds.

The use of the Maserati communication logo on non institutional background colors should be an exception, to be avoided whenever possible.

Application on images

The Maserati communication logo may be implemented on photographic backgrounds, when these ensure optimal readability. For this reason, the negative version of the logo should be applied to sections of the image that provide an adequate level of contrast.

Furthermore, backgrounds should feature even, regular textures, to avoid placing the logo upon irregular patterns that may compromise clarity and readability.

prohibited use

To ensure maximum readability, the Maserati communication logo may not be used on photographic or image backgrounds that don’t guarantee an adequate contrast, or featuring uneven or irregular textures.