Latest Version 1.1.2

Monday, August 07 2017

The Maserati Digital Guidelines have been modified, here are the major updates:

  1. Official Website - Elements: Iconography Diplomatic sales shopping tool icon added

Version 1.1.1

Wednesday, May 03 2017

  1. Official Website - Elements: Iconography section edited with new icons image and new downloadable PSD
  2. Typography - Elements: Typography Guidelines: CTA font family added

Version 1.1.0

Wednesday, February 22 2017

  1. Logo - The logo: Added rule, the logo should always be center aligned
  2. Official Website - Added new page Scaling about font and menu scaling directives
  3. Official Website - Elements: added Iconography section with psd file download
  4. Official Website - Elements: added Header and Footer elements to Applications section
  5. Added Changelog page with RSS feed

Version 1.0.0

Saturday, December 10 2016

  1. Initial release

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